Bad guys, look out: There may be a Pop Tart with your name on it!

6 Jun

Oh my, where to start today? Perhaps we shall take a glance at the U.S. Supreme Court. Though divided in their vote, they passed a ruling that allows law enforcement agencies to take a cheek swab for DNA testing at time of arrest of anyone, without a warrant, and regardless of whether or not the person was wrongly arrested. Of course I am not implying the cops make mistakes, but like me, they too are human. I don’t know how I feel about this. So now you will be asked for your name, address, driver’s license and DNA sample? Could you imagine checking out at the grocery store and after swiping your VIC card they announce that your DNA doesn’t match (probably since you grabbed your spouse’s keys by accident) and refuse to give you discounts? Am I reaching too far here? One of the Supreme Court justices voiced concern that someday the TSA could request a DNA sample before allowing you to board a plane. Oh, George Orwell, Big Brother is alive and well in 2013.


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