Topsail Island Local Artist – Darlyne Clapp

26 Sep

Darlyne is truly an artist with her camera as anyone who has seen her photography will attest. Her life long dream of living at the ocean has been achieved and Darlyne s love of the ocean, sunrises, sunsets and Topsail Island is apparent in each of her photos. If you don t follow Darlyne (Topsail Island Local Artist) on Facebook already, you should go there now and like her page. When you begin to browse through the many photographs that she has shared there, you ll be glad you did. Many of her photos are downright breathtaking and I, for one, always look forward to seeing Darlyne s work pop up in my Facebook feed. There is something uniquely calming about her work that seems to slow the mind a bit and take me away to a place where I can hear the waves crashing on the beach and smell the salt water in the air. Darlyne recently wrote… Sometimes, I m so overwhelmed by the beauty, it s hard for me to get shots through my tears! I try to capture and share this feeling through my images


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