Taking the Plunge: Surf City’s Twelfth Annual Dolphin Dip 2014

5 Jan

By Amy Baker January 3, 2014 Would you take a winter time dip with dolphins on Topsail Island in January?! Well that is exactly what a few hundred people did on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 in Surf City, NC! According to WECT News, there were more than 2500 people in attendance for the 12th annual Dolphin Dip Extravaganza this week. Many of them donned creative costumes, including everything from Elmo, to the Three Stooges (who were the costume contest trophy winners this year), to pirates (including the Captain of The Raven, a pirate ship known to frequently attack The Belle of Topsail)! The crowd also enjoyed the talents of several performers musicians, dancers, and even an aerialist! Gunfire signaled the beginning of what looked like a race, as shivering participants (young and old alike) dove into the wintry waves. While water temps were around a brisk 53 degrees, the air temp around 12 noon was a mere 45 degrees! With that chilly combination, no wonder most “swimmers” only took


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